Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Hello, this is me!

Hello, I'm Maria.

I’m a RYT- 200 yoga and meditation instructor with a background in engineering and management.
I first experienced yoga in 2012, when I tried a yoga class by Mr Yoga, Daniel Lacerda. I was somewhat flexible as long as I can remember myself, I had taken gymnastics when I was much younger and throughout my life, I would always spend time stretching, adding movement to the stretches and being playful, doing cartwheels and handstands after my jogs and other workouts. In fact, I would spend more time stretching before, as warm-up, and after the workout than the time I would spend for the workout itself. No wonder I fell in love with yoga once I tried it and I have been practising ever since.
I am a half-full glass kind of person, an optimist who’s on a path to self-discovery and happiness. A creative Sagittarius, a food enthusiast, a fan of volleyball, crafting and gardening, I believe in cultivating mind, body and spirit.
I’m here to help those who wish to find balance, connect with themselves, uniting body and mind, breath with mindful movement and empower them to live a healthy, happy life.


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